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Harris Retracts Donation To Fix House

Katherine Harris has taken back $100,000 of the $3.5 million she gave her Senate campaign. The reason: she's finishing renovations on her home in Washington, D.C.

The Harris campaign says the Republican congresswoman would sell the house, if necessary, to fund her embattled Senate race.

Harris repaid some of the money she already gave the campaign, her campaign announced in a press release detailing fund-raising for the three months ending June 30.

The campaign says Harris has raised $1.1 million in donations during the quarter while Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Fla., raised $2.5 million in the same quarter.

The announcement comes the same week Harris lost much of her core campaign staff for the second time since getting in the race last summer. Her campaign manager, Glenn Hodas, resigned after three months on the job, saying Harris was uncontrollable.

Hodas said Harris "hasn't kept any of her promises," about her behavior, including "not to have tantrums, not to berate staff, not to micromanage and nitpick, and not to get flustered on inconsequential details," the Palm Beach Post reported.

Hodas lamented Harris' recent decision to criticize Nelson's acceptance of campaign contributions from Riscorp, an insurance company tied to a massive campaign finance scandal involving Florida politicians in the 1990s. Harris had also received money from Riscorp and her 1994 state senate campaign manager was named as a co-conspirator for attempting to cover up the source of the money, the Palm Beach Post said.

"We had more to lose on Riscorp than anyone else," Hodas argued.