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Colo. man arrested in wife's death at national park

DENVER - A Colorado man was arrested Thursday on a first-degree murder charge two years after the death of his second wife in a fall that occurred as they celebrated their anniversary with a hike at Rocky Mountain National Park, authorities said.

Suspect Harold Henthorn was the only witness to the 2012 death of Toni Henthorn as she fell at least 40 feet on the north side of Deer Mountain, authorities said. Harold Henthorn told friends that his wife was preparing to take a picture when she fell to her death, reports CBS Denver.

The coroner's office ruled she either fell or was pushed down a cliff.

The Douglas County Sheriff's Office said it was still investigating the death of Henthorn's first wife, 37-year-old Sandra Henthorn, who was crushed to death in 1995 when a car slipped off a jack while she and Harold Henthorn were changing a flat tire, the Denver Post reported.

In the 2012 fatality, the resident of Highlands Ranch was arrested by the National Park Service and the FBI. His attorney, Craig Truman, declined comment on the arrest that came after Henthorn was indicted.

If convicted, he could face a mandatory term of life in federal prison without the possibility of parole, as well as a fine of up to a $250,000.

Todd Bertolet, Toni Henthorn's brother, told CBS Denver Thursday, "We've always had the utmost confidence in very talented people with the FBI and the National Park Service. We've always felt that justice would come one day and this is a satisfactory day in knowing that justice for Toni is proceeding along."

Harold Henthorn is expected to appear in federal court later Thursday.

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