Grandmother must remove flyers of missing Ky. teen Paige Johnson

Paige Johnson (Personal Photo)
Grandmother must remove flyers of missing Ky. teen Paige Johnson
Paige Johnson
Personal Photo

(CBS/WKRC) COVINGTON, Ky. - It's been almost a year since Paige Johnson went missing and her family is not giving up hope that she will be found. Ever since the 17-year-old disappeared on September 23, 2010, Covington has been plastered with flyer but now, some of those fliers have been ordered to be torn down off the city's utility poles.

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Johnson's grandmother, Jenny Roderick, spends a lot of time putting up flyers in Northern Kentucky cities, but the city manager of Covington says they'll have to come down off his city's utility poles, because they're illegal, reports CBS affiliate WKRC.

Roderick hopes the flyers remind the public that her granddaughter is still missing. 

"We still want people to know that that she's not found. And that, you know, there's tons of people that love her," said Roderick.

But last week, a police officer stopped Roderick as she was putting up flyers. The officer suggested put them up in legal spots like store windows, and bulletin boards. 

Roderick said she chose utility poles because of their high visibility, reports the station.

A spokesperson for the Covington Police Dept. said the officer only stopped and confronted Paige's grandmother because the city received a complaint. The city manager says that regardless of what the posters say, they have to come down and although he must enforce the current ordinance, the city has no intention of being insensitive to her family.

Police say she was last seen with 22-year-old Taylor Mill, Ky. resident Jacob Bumpass. He is currently locked up on a parole violation.

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