"Grand Theft": Grandmother unmasks robber, finds grandson, say Albuquerque cops

Thomas Clark
(CBS/AP) ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. - Who was that masked man?

Police say in the case of a home robbery in Albuquerque, the man in the mask was 22-year-old Thomas Clark - and the woman he was trying to rob was his grandmother.

CBS affiliate KRQE reports the intruder was dressed in black, and had a purple bandana pulled over his face. Still, the homeowner suspected it was her grandson.

According to the station, the woman said the man in the mask grabbed her, setting off a struggle, at which point she ripped off the bandana to reveal the suspect's face.

It was her grandson, Thomas Clark.

The grandmother told police Clark had shoved her to the floor, grabbed her purse and ran. Police arrested him about four hours later at his parents' home, KRQE reported.

According to police, Clark confessed to the robbery, saying he did it because his two friends convinced him it was a good way to get money to go to a local casino.

A gamble that didn't exactly pay off.