​Grammys 2015 poll: Best Music Video

A scene from Sia's "Chandelier."

RCA Records

Which music video do YOU think should win this year's Grammy?

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And be sure to watch the 57th annual Grammy Awards, presented Sunday, February 8 at the Staples Center, and broadcast live on CBS beginning at 8 p.m. ET.

"Happy" by Pharrell Williams

Director: We Are From LA
Producers: Kathleen Heffernan, Solal Micenmacher, Jett Steiger
Label: Columbia Records

If this contagious and bouncing music video isn't enough, don't fret: a 24-hour-long version is available online at 24hoursofhappy.com.

"The Golden Age" by Woodkid (Featuring Max Richter)

Director: Yoann Lemoine
Producers: Kathleen Heffernan, Roman Pichon Herrera, Christine Miller & Annabel Rosier
Label: Interscope

Music and video director Yoann Lemoine (a.k.a. Woodkid), who has directed videos featuring Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Moby, Lana Del Rey, Rihanna and John Legend, created this memory play of a child's growing up on the bayou, in which the boy within the man is recalled. A montage of family, play, love, fights, regret, and shadows, "The Golden Age" features startlingly vivid black-and-white photography.

"Chandelier" by Sia

Directors: Daniel Askill & Sia
Producers: Jennifer Heath & Jack Hogan
Label: RCA Records/Monkey Puzzle Records

I'm gonna fly like a bird through the night,
Feel my tears as they dry
I'm gonna swing from the chandelier,
From the chandelier
But I'm holding on for dear life,
Won't look down, won't open my eyes,
Keep my glass full until morning light,
'Cause I'm just holding on for tonight.

A mournful undercurrent about a party girl's wan existence, by Australian recording artist Sia (from her album, "1000 Forms of Fear"), is lifted up by way of the gymnastics of an extremely talented 12-year-old dancer, Maddie Ziegler. Choreography by Ryan Heffington.

"We Exist" by Arcade Fire

Director: David Wilson
Producers: Sue Yeon Ahn & Jason Baum
Label: Capitol Records

In farm country, a young transgender man (played by Andrew Garfield) dresses for a night out at a local bar, where he finds harassment and pain - but then exults in his self-expression, upon which he finds the familiar turned on its head. The band itself puts in an appearance for a climax that aims to wash away the tears of the abused.

Columbia Records

"Turn Down For What" by DJ Snake & Lil Jon

Director: Daniels (Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert)
Producers: Judy Craig, Candice Ouaknine, Jonathan Wang & Bryan Younce
Label: Columbia Records

It's a contagion not unlike what we see in zombie movies - the victims shaking and convulsing to an unrecognized rhythm until others in their orbit exhibit the same symptoms. Only here, it's not the spread of the undead, but the sharing of an uncontrollable sexual expression that is, ahem, very much alive. The Daniels' "Turn Down For What" video is definitely NSFW (actually, NSFAnything), but for those seeking humor on the insane side, you can find the video here.

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Grammys 2015: Best Music Video

Who should win Best Music Video?

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