Graffiti wall wedding proposal is romantic, unconventional and epic

(CBS News) It suddenly hit me. I honestly don't know why I hadn't noticed this before. The Feed has been lacking in the love department lately! And I'm going to correct this problem immediately with an unconventional and epic wedding proposal. Watch and prepare to feel the love in your heart soar. 

Can we all collectively say "awwwwwww" together right now? I mean, that is so romantic! The amazing video was posted by Vimeo user Tizzie Onderko who writes:

On March 27, 2012 my boyfriend (now fiance!) proposed to me by painting an AMAZING mural in Detroit's Eastern Market. Thanks to everyone who came out to help and shout out to Dave Maxwell and Myron Watkins for the photos and video!

I'd say we definitely have a contender right now for one of the most romantic videos so far in 2012. What did you all think? Be sure to leave me some comment below with your thoughts.