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GOP ad features woman "breaking up" with Obama

(CBS News) CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The Republican National Committee on Thursday released an ad featuring a woman explaining to a cardboard cutout of President Obama - over dinner - why she is breaking up with him.

"Listen, this just isn't working," says the woman. She is not identified in the spot, but the RNC confirms that she is Bettina Inclan, its director of Hispanic outreach. "It's been four years," she says. "You've changed."

Inclan goes on to complain that the man she is speaking to - who has not yet been revealed - is "always on the golf course," is spending too much money and always hanging out with celebrities.

"You're just not the person I thought you were," she says as the Obama cutout is revealed. "It's not me, it's you."

The ad comes a week after Clint Eastwood spoke to an empty chair- meant to represent an invisible Obama - at the Republican National Convention.

The RNC said the ad, called "the breakup," is going "in the rotation" on television, though a representative did not provide details on how much would be spent to air it. It is being released on the day that Mr. Obama formally accepts the Democratic nomination for president, and squares with the GOP's message that Mr. Obama has disappointed the American people.

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