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Goldman Sachs Faces U.K. Investigation

Britain's financial regulator said Tuesday it was launching a full-blown investigation into Goldman Sachs International after U.S. authorities filed civil fraud charges against the bank.

The Financial Services Authority said Tuesday that it will be liaising closely with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in its review.

British interest in the case is likely to focus on the Royal Bank of Scotland, which paid $841 million to Goldman Sachs in 2007 to unwind its position in a fund acquired in the takeover of Dutch Bank ABN Amro, according to the complaint filed in the United States.

The mammoth bank was slapped with surprise fraud charges by the SEC on Friday related to a complex subprime mortgage deal that was coordinated prior to the collapse of the housing market.

Spitzer: SEC will Likely win Case against Goldman Sachs

According to a report by to Goldman Sachs has enlisted former White House counsel Gregory Craig to help the embattled Wall Street giant navigate through a grilling on Capitol Hill and an investigation for alleged fraud by the Securities and Exchange Commission, according.

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