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Gmail Priority Inbox: 5 Ways to Make It Better

Remember Gmail Priority Inbox? Sure you do: it's the new Gmail feature that makes important messages "float" to the top of your inbox and corrals the less-important stuff for later viewing. It's pretty cool, but you may be wondering if you're really getting the most from it.

Wonder no more. The team over at The Official Gmail Blog just offered up 5 tips for using Priority Inbox. For example, did you know you can include filtered messages in your priority list? Here's how:

You can set up Priority Inbox to show you not just the best of your inbox, but also the best of messages you filter out of your inbox and might otherwise miss. Just change your Priority Inbox settings to "Override filters" and Gmail will surface any important messages that would otherwise skip your inbox.

With this option turned on, you can use filters to archive more aggressively and worry less about missing an important message.

The list also includes tips like customizing your Priority Inbox sections, training the system to get better at realizing what's important, and quickly archiving the unimportant messages.

My question for you: have you tried Priority Inbox yet? If so, what do you think of it? I'm thoroughly impressed, though I don't use Gmail on the Web often enough for it to be practical (all my mail lands in Outlook, where I can organize it with flags and categories).

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