Giuliani: Obama "leading from behind" on foreign policy


(CBS News) Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani blasted the Obama Administration's foreign policy record on "CBS This Morning" Tuesday and said that the foreign policy speech Mitt Romney delivered Monday lacked specifics because that is what is expected during a campaign.

"That's what you expect in a general presidential campaign. What you expect are themes," he said, adding that his approach "would be different" than President Obama's because his tactic would  be "an approach of leading from the front rather than leading from behind."

Giuliani called President Obama's handling of last year's opposition protests in Iran "disgraceful," adding that "he comes into these things late."

Giuliani also said the attacks on the U.S. Consulate in Libya where the U.S. ambassador was killed is "an absolute scandal of the biggest proportions" and that the Obama administration's handling of the situation is full of "tremendous confusion."

As for last week's presidential debate, Giuliani said it was an important point in Romney's presidential campaign, calling it "impressive" and his "introduction" to voters.

"It sounds strange to say this because he's been around for such a long time. It was his introduction to the American people as a presidential candidate," Giuliani said.

"Up until then, he was a candidate within the Republican Party but the rest of the country really didn't pay much attention to him," he added.

Giuliani, who ran for president in 2008, said he doesn't think Romney shifted his positions to be more moderate but said, "I think he's always been pretty much where he is. It's a question of where you emphasize."

Instead of calling him a "moderate," Giuliani called Romney "a very sensible businessman who is going to make sensible decisions."

"I think ideology is important to him but I don't think ideology overwhelms him," Giuliani added. "I think President Obama is overwhelmed by too much ideology."