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Gisele Bündchen Spreads Her Wings

Supermodel Gisele Bündchen is not just another pretty face. Sure, she has graced the cover of many magazines and gets lots attention for her work with Victoria's Secret, but these days the Brazilian supermodel is also stretching her acting muscles, designing her own line of shoes, and was even named the face of the most popular perfume in America, Dream Angels Heavenly.

Bündchen appeared on The Early Show Wednesday with co-anchor Harry Smith to talk about a pair of wings she designed for the perfume's relaunch.

"We actually got to design our own wings because this is, 'Dream Angels Heavenly,' is the No. 1 fragrance in America," Bündchen said. "So they did that whole re-launch, a new campaign for it. And new packaging, so now it is beautiful yellow.

"And, basically, like, they had the idea while we were doing the campaign for us to design however we see our wings. And I designed these little blue wings because, you know, I love the ocean, and I love blue and I wanted to look like a little fairy wicks. … They're going to be auctioned later and they're going to go to charity."

Asked if she wears perfume all the time, the supermodel said: "Yes. I think perfume is something that is very, like, it's how you feel. You wake up in the morning, sometimes you feel like I change perfumes around. I love this perfume."

Bündchen says she thinks men should wear cologne or aftershave.

"You know, a smell is very memorable," she says. "So you know that person that always wears the fragrance, like you don't even know about them anymore. And you know, like, I knew this guy many years ago, and then I haven't seen him in like 10 years and I was walking in the street the other day. I didn't see him but I smelled the smell."

Besides promoting the relaunch of the perfume, Bündchen says she has a "small cameo" role in the forth-coming movie, "The Devil Wears Prada."

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