Gingrich daughter: Obama is a complainer

Jackie Gingrich Cushman, daughter of former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, on "CBS This Morning: Saturday," Jan. 21, 2012.

As South Carolinians prepare to vote in today's primary, the daughter of former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said her father is the only national figure who can succeed in Washington, and called out President Barack Obama for complaining that nothing can get done there.

Appearing on "CBS This Morning: Saturday," Jackie Gingrich Cushman said her dad "is the only candidate - including President Obama - that has a record of working with the opposite party in Washington to actually govern."

She described her father's experience working with President Bill Clinton to get bills passed and signed in the 1990s.

"They understood that if things weren't scheduled on the House floor - and all of the appropriations and money starts in the House - so if my father didn't schedule it and make sure it went through it wouldn't happen, and if President Clinton didn't sign it, it wouldn't happen. So those two gentlemen actually worked together from different sides and governed the country - they got things done.

"This is why he's such an incredible candidate to put up against Barack Obama, who currently is complaining that he can't get anything done. The fact is, that how our government was set up. The fact is real leaders govern, they don't complain, and that contrast will be overwhelming this fall."