Gifts For A Hi-Tech Holiday

According to the Consumer Electronics Association more than three quarters of all families will have some sort of tech-related product on their holiday shopping lists.

Best Magazine's Senior Editor David Gregg offers the following suggestions on The Early Show.

Yamaha Ez-Eg Electronic Teaching Guitar

The Yamaha EZ-EG is a unique gift in that it provides a great foundation for music appreciation and performance. The EZ-EG features 12-lighted frets that show beginners the actual hand positions for all the chords they'll need to know before they take off on their own and six "strings" that emulate strumming or finger-picking. In addition to an onboard selection of 36 songs, songs can be downloaded in the guitar's Flash ROM via MIDI IN/OUT connections and a quick connection to a computer.

The EZ-EG will also reproduce nine realistic guitar sounds, eight bass guitar sounds and the timbres of a banjo and piano through its built-in speaker. Standard "guitar" features include: volume, tempo, and balance controls, standard tuning plus open tuning options and a tremolo bar. A unique electronic capo allows pitch adjustment. Users may plug the EZ-EG into a standard guitar amplifier, or use the mini-headphone jack for private practice. The EZ-EG operates on six "AA" cells, and includes a power adapter, pick and strap.

Gap Hoodio Radio Jacket For Kids

Hoodio hit stores on Nov. 15 and is a must-have gift for boys and girls of all ages this season. This product features a built-in radio control keypad on the sleeve and a hood that conceals the speakers. Moms will love the Hoodio because it offers the warmth of fleece and is machine-washable. The Hoodio comes in black, green camouflage, blue and pink. Appropriate for ages 5 and up. Requires three AAA batteries (not included).

Olympus Verve Digital Camera

Without doubt, the most fashionable camera of the holiday season is Olympus' sleek little Stylus Verve. Available in five colors (silver, white, red, blue, and black).

This all-weather, 4-megapixel camera features a 2x optical/4x digital zoom, 10 different shooting modes, a 1.8-inch LCD screen, unique rotating dial for camera options and a 16MB memory card. For proof of its sex appeal, you'll be able to pick up the Verve at Bloomingdale's, as well as in traditional camera stores.

Nokia 7280 Cellphone
MSRP: Approx. $500

Dressed to the nines in a retro-design reminiscent of 1950s, the piano black 7280 is packed with modern-day features including a round navigation pad, voice dialing, voice commands and integrated VGA camera/video player. But its piece de resistance is its screen, which when not in use becomes a tiny mirror.

Oakley Thump Mp3 Sunglasses
MSRP:starting at $395

Lance Armstrong started a musical fashion trend when he was one of the first people to be seen wearing these tuneful specs while training for his sixth Tour de France. These stylish shades have a built-in MP3 player and earphones.

They also have state-of-the-art optics (lenses) that deliver superior protection from the sun. The Thumps include a high-speed USB cable for transferring song files from Mac or Windows and stores about 60 of your favorite tunes. These euphonious shades come in seven frame/lens color combinations.

Hp Instant Cinema Digital Projector
MSRP:under $2,499

Turn any room in your home to an instant theater with HP's ep9010 Instant Cinema Digital Projector. It is the world's only front projector with built-in DVD player, two speakers and a subwoofer. All you need is a plug and your favorite DVD movie, and the HDTV-ready projector is ready to go right out of the box.

The projector includes two speakers and sub-plus inputs for game systems, PCs or other video sources. Perfect for the family room or the backyard, it gives new meaning to the phrase "home theater in a box."

Lead Singer Karaoke Mike (Model: Ls-3000)

The Lead Singer Mike offers all the fun of Karaoke without having to haul around bulky machines and loads of CDs. Just plug this microphone into your TV, choose your tunes and the lyrics will pop up right there on the screen. Want more songs? There are thousands of them. The Lead Singer features a built-in video processor that displays high-resolution video graphics and highlighted lyrics right on your TV. Sing along to 300 popular built-in songs.