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Get Secure, Offsite Data Storage at Amazon

You're smart. (That's obvious; you tend to agree with me in the ongoing Guy Vs. Guy debates, right?) And because you're smart, you no doubt have a routine backup solution for your PCs. But do you go to the next step and store a copy of your data off-site? If your data is too voluminous for an online backup solution, then consider shipping your entire hard drive to Amazon.

Amazon Web Services has rolled out a new program called AWS Import/Export. Here's the deal: You load all the data you want to store offsite onto an external hard drive and digitally sign the drive using a secure key provided by Amazon. Then ship the drive to Amazon, where they copy the data to their servers, and then return the drive to you.

Once the data is stored at Amazon, you can access it using a free browser or FTP client like S3 browser or Cloudberry Explorer.

You can calculate the cost of storing your data at Amazon using the AWE Import/Export Calculator. But in general, it runs $80 per hard drive plus $2.50 per hour to physically transfer the data from your hard drive to the server -- so a terabyte of data will cost around $102. And there's a detailed FAQ to answer all your other questions about the service.

The cost seems reasonable to me -- it's less than buying a new hard drive and then paying for a place to store it. What do you think? Would you consider mailing your data to Amazon? Weigh in with a comment.

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