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Get ready for the return of the "Numa Numa" guy

"The world is coming to an end," says a character in the trailer for "The Chronicles of Rick Roll" - and maybe he's right.

In the last couple of days, there's been quite the buzz on the transom about whether a collection of Internet stars from Gary Brolsma (the Numa Numa Guy) to Bear Vasquez (the Double Rainbow Guy,) were indeed making a movie.. Turns out that the reports are legit. Producer Andrew Fischer has gathered more than a half-dozen YouTube stars for a film called "The Chronicles of Rick Roll." The 26-year-old Fischer calls it an "epic comedy."

The film stars Dodson, known for the Bed Intruder Song, Bear Vasquez ("Double Rainbow Guy"), Brian Collins ("Boom Goes the Dynamite"), Ben Schulz ("Leeroy Jenkins"), Gary Brolsma ("Numa Numa"), and Stephen and Jack Quire ("Greatest Freakout Ever"). Together they account for hundreds of millions of YouTube views.

Although the film's title refers to the misleading Rick Astley Internet meme, Fischer says the film is authentic.

"The next trailer will show that it's not just some giant elaborate prank," Fischer says.

The release of the trailer has generated the predictable stir but he advance publicity has been, well, on the rough side. The headline on a piece in All Things Digital didn't pull any punches: "The YouTube Movie You Don't Have To See."

Fischer, who hopes for a theatrical release, has not secured distribution. The Colorado-based marketing firm NURV, of which Fischer is CEO, is producing the film.

Fischer says he would welcome cameos from more Internet stars. Has he tried the Old Spice guy?