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Get Instant Access to Your Desktop with Desk Topmost

Getting quick access to the desktop is easy -- everyone knows to press Win+D. But if you do anything on the desktop, like access a file or start a new program, Win+D won't restore all your windows the way you last had them. That's why there's Desk Topmost, a clever utility that moves the desktop to the top, and then pushes it back to the bottom when you're done with it.

You can assign your favorite hotkey to Desk Topmost, which brings the desktop to the top of your stack of programs and windows. That's handy because it can be faster than Windows' own Show Desktop command (which can get sluggish if you have a lot of programs running) and it's guaranteed to always restore your desktop exactly how you left it when you return the desktop to where it belongs.

Desk Topmost is free, but while the author claims it works with XP, Vista, and Windows 7, I found that it didn't work on my beta of 7 at all. It worked like a charm on Vista, though.

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