Get 768MB of Extra Dropbox Space For Free

Last Updated Dec 15, 2010 9:34 AM EST

So, you use Dropbox all the time to shuffle files between home and work, but you're running low on space. You've already referred a few friends for additional storage, but you need more. The solution: Dropbox has just added a slew of new ways to add more free space to your account.

Visit Dropbox's new Free page, where you can add up to 768MB of space to your account just by agreeing to a few fairly painless social networking tasks. There are six tasks in all, and each one is worth 128MB. Do any or all of them:

  • Connect your Twitter account with Dropbox
  • Connect your Facebook account with Dropbox
  • Follow Dropbox on Twitter
  • Send Dropbox feedback
  • Tweet the feedback that you sent to Dropbox
  • Post the feedback you sent to Dropbox on your Facebook Wall
As you can see, you can get a full half gigabyte without publicly posting anything at all -- and if you don't mind shilling for Dropbox among your friends and followers, you can pick up another 250MB on top of that.

Dropbox remains one of the most awesome online tools for getting work done, thanks not only to the generous online storage the service offers for free, but also for the way it integrates into Windows Explorer for easy drag-and-drop file copying (that's more or less what I tweeted for my free space, by the way). And there are all sorts of Dropbox add-ins available as well, which makes it easy to share files with co-workers via the cloud: