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George H.W. Bush novelty socks a hot holiday gift item for Republicans

Republicans may have won big last month with their takeover of Congress's upper chamber, but that doesn't mean they're going to slow down their fundraising efforts. In the spirit of the holiday season, the party has come up with the perfect novelty item to peddle to gift-givers: socks honoring the famously well-adorned hosiery of former President George H.W. Bush.

For a donation amount of at least $35, supporters of the GOP can claim their very own pair of socks emblazoned with an image of the Republican elephant and a printed signature from Bush 41. Two options are available: The original Technicolor version, boasting bold orange, yellow, green and blue stripes, or the more classically patriotic red-and-blue style.

In an email from the Republican National Committee back when the group began touting his socks pre-midterms, Bush opined that the footwear is "sure to get you noticed."

Bush's sock choices are well documented. At the White House portrait unveiling of his son, former President George W. Bush, the elder Bush wore red, white and blue-striped socks. Last summer, his office sent out a photo of Bush 41 donning Superman socks - a gift from a friend, according to a spokesperson - while driving a golf cart. And accepting the Lyndon B. Johnson award at his office in Houston, Mr. Bush showed off a pair featuring his own mug.

The now-90-year-old former president was also commemorated with a nod from Americans on his last birthday, when they sported Santa-hatted Snoopy socks, mustard yellow mustache knee-highs and Elmo toe hosiery.

"George has taken to wearing the weirdest socks," his wife Barbara Bush laughingly explained at "A Celebration of Reading" event in Houston last year. "The most colorful, the most wacky. They're better if they're terrible."

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