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George Foreman challenges Steven Seagal to a fight in Las Vegas

It's not clear why, but George Foreman has challenged Steven Seagal to a fight in Las Vegas for 10 rounds. The retired heavyweight  boxing champ and indoor grill entrepreneur says he will box and Seagal will be allowed to "use whatever," except for weapons. Perhaps Foreman was inspired by the fight between boxer Floyd Mayweather and UFC fighter Conor McGregor that landed the former a $200 to $300 million paycheck and the latter up to $100 million. 

Foreman challenged Seagal on Twitter on Monday. The boxer says there is "no anger" against the actor and he simply wants to fight "just once more." When asked by fans why Foreman is targeting Seagal, he said, "He really can fight" and that the actor is "big enough." Foreman said he would not fight Jean Claude Van Damme because he is "too big to make that happen." Foreman is 68 and Seagal is 65. 

"It's my Jab that still works," boasted Foreman. He also said he's learning to block kicks. 

Actor Freddie Prinze Jr. got excited about the prospect of a fight between the two stars and tweeted, "You'll smash him in less than 60 seconds, Champ. Only Ali and my dad can touch your granite chin!!!" Prinze's father, actor Freddie Prinze, was friends with Muhammad Ali and Foreman and sparred as a hobby. Foreman responded and remembered the time Freddie Prinze Sr. "laid on" him. 

When a fake account for Seagal tweeted, "Sign the contract and let's do it George !" Foreman wrote, "It's on everyone!" 

Foreman might have a reason for attempting a comeback now. He retweeted a fan who wrote, "Thinking @GeorgeForeman timed his Steven Seagal challenge to distract us from all the awfulness, make us smile for a minute. Thanks big guy."