From The Frontlines Of Mexico's Drug War

You can't miss the headlines: Kidnapping Expert Kidnapped. It sounds like pure tabloid fodder, but this item is the latest grim symptom of a growing drug-crime epidemic in Mexico.

Over at our sister blog, World Watch, Mike Wuebben has a lighter take, that the Mexican corruption-drama is so over-the-top it "reads like a Hollywood screenplay." Mike writes:

Much has been made of the supposed audacity of embattled Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich for refusing to resign. But "Lighting Rod" ain't got nuthin' on former Mexican police chief Victor Gerardo Garay who was arrested on charges of helping a drug cartel. According to a report yesterday in the Mexican newspaper Reforma, Garay turned a raid on Colombian drug dealers into "an orgy and alleged robbery of half a million dollars, jewelry, and even the robbery of an English bulldog." Garay even took a little time out for a hot tub with a few of the many prostitutes on hand.
Check out the rest of his post here. Tonight on the CBS Evening News, Correspondent John Blackstone has an eye-opening report on this country in the throes of a savage drug war manned by brutal cartels. You can watch his report on the growing crisis of violence and corruption in Mexico - and find out why it's a growing danger for innocent citizens and even Americans journeying south - tonight at 6:30 p.m. ET.