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"Frenzy" over Kate prompting concern already

Crowds gave Prince William and his new bride, the former Kate Middleton, a boisterous welcome in the Canadian capital of Ottawa Thursday as they began their 11-day North American tour.

"Early Show" co-anchor Erica Hill observed Friday that, "The crowd is really going wild for Kate. ... (They were) just screaming at one point, 'We want Kate.' There is such a frenzy for the Duchess of Cambridge. It's almost a little scary in some ways."

"This is where things can start to get a little crazy," agreed CBS Royal Contributor Victoria Arbiter, "and the people around Kate are going to have to be quite careful. This sort of frenzy is what William was so eager to avoid, when he's relating back to his mother (Princess Diana, who died in a car crash as the vehicle was being chased by paparazzi).

William and Kate kick off Canada tour
Kate's royal looks

"But just this week, it was announced there's this new china doll that's coming out. It's $199, it's ugly, it's tacky. ... When these sorts of merchandising items come out, it creates a frenzy, an insatiable appetite develops. Then you have you have problems with the paparazzi. And of course, we've seen where that leads.

"So, everyone around Kate has got to be quite careful now to control this frenzy. As exciting as it is, and wonderful to have that sort of welcome, it's got to be kept in check."

Arbiter says the royal family is trying to avoid the mistakes made when Diana took her first trip abroad as Prince Charles' wife.

"Diana only did her first international trips three years into the marriage," Arbiter noted. "At this point with Charles (married two months, she was actually still on honeymoon. Her first trip was to Australia.

"They've been very sensible. They've looked back. They've seen what went wrong on earlier trips. Diana had to go off and do engagements on her own. She was jet-lagged. It was very, very hot. She was very slim. She had taken Prince William with her, which was against royal precedent.

"With Kate, she's not going to be doing any solo engagements. She doesn't have to make any public speeches. Everything's going to be very controlled, just to break her in gently."

Plenty of attention during the trip is being focused on Kate's outfits, and so far, says Arbiter, they've been "masterful. When she left England, she was wearing a mix of British/Canadian and French designers. The jacket promptly sold out - I mean, that was gone in seconds. Then, to get off the plane wearing the hugely fashionable Erdem (Moralioglu) line was amazing. ... Erdem is based in London, but from Canada -- so both nations were represented."