freesSpeech: Mike Rutherford

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Sorry America, but if you believe you're paying too much for the fuel you put in your automobiles, you're not living in the real world.

In the States today, you're enjoying pump prices that are among the lowest on the planet. So what, exactly, are you complaining about?

Here in England, the average price of a gallon of regular fuel is almost four pounds fifty, which equates to just over $8 in your money. And you're complaining? How come? You don't know how lucky you are.

Europeans take vacations in the States partly because the gas is so cheap.

Still not convinced? Then let me tell you that I've just checked pump prices in 24 nations throughout Europe, including a few impoverished countries, and in every one, drivers are paying considerably more than you.

The problem is not what you're being charged for your gas. It's the fact that many vehicles driven by Americans boast large engines that drink too much.

I drove a colossal SUV in a remote part of North America recently and its gas mileage was so poor that I ran out of the stuff before I could reach a station to refuel. Forty miles to the gallon isn't unusual in Europe. And we achieve that by settling for smaller, less powerful cars. Some have diesel engines and actually do nearer sixty to the gallon.

The price of fuel is out of your hands. But the type of car you drive is not. On sale today there are American and foreign made cars boasting much-mproved gas consumption figures. Buy one and your annual fuel bill will drop massively.

America, I offer you a final thought. Think smaller. If only for the sake of you wallet, stop buying gas guzzlers!

Mike Rurtherford is a freelance auto journalist who writes for a number of publications. He is also a founding member of the Uk based Motorists Association.