"Frank Underwood" and Hillary Clinton star in video for Bill Clinton's birthday

Playing his power-hungry "House of Cards" character Frank Underwood, Kevin Spacey is featured in a new video with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to celebrate former President Bill Clinton's upcoming birthday.

In the video, Underwood conspires with Mr. Clinton to find out what his wife will give him for his birthday. Underwood calls Clinton from the Oval Office, reaching her in what is identified as a "rectangular" office. Doing his best Bill Clinton impression, Underwood asks about the gift.

"This is a very personal decision that I will make when I'm ready," Clinton responds, echoing the standard response she gives when asked about a potential presidential bid.

Underwood responds as Mr. Clinton, "I'd really love one of those elephants you're always talking about saving."

The conversation turns to what Bill and Hillary's pregnant daughter, Chelsea, should name her child. Spacey -- still playing Underwood impersonating Mr. Clinton -- suggests Frank or Claire, the name of Underwood's wife.

"I was actually thinking of pushing for the name Kevin if it's a boy... Kevin will you please just sign my husband's birthday card already?" Clinton tells Spacey.

The video then shows Underwood presumably receiving a text message from Bill Clinton that reads, "What did you find out?" He responds, "She'll make a decision when she's ready."

The video was produced by the nonprofit Clinton Foundation and emailed to its supporters, along with a message urging people to go to the Clinton Foundation website to "sign" the former president's birthday card with their names and email addresses.

Mr. Clinton turns 68 on Aug. 19.

While the Clintons obviously enjoy "House of Cards," one Washington politician -- Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis. -- recently said the show "turned his stomach."

"I watched the first couple of episodes until [Underwood] cheated on his wife with that reporter," Ryan said in an interview with Parade magazine. "It turned my stomach so much that I just couldn't watch it anymore. His behavior was so reprehensible, and it hit too close to home because he was a House member, that it just bothered me too much."