Foxy Shazam subscribes to "The Church of Rock and Roll"

Foxy Shazam

(CBS News) Foxy Shazam has been described as a "rowdy" rock band. The group's music has been referred to as "glam rock." Their live shows? "Rock and roll theatrics."

But the Ohio-based rockers don't necessarily want to be placed into any one particular category. At least not by their own definition or description.

"I would prefer people to have their own combination of words they can put together after seeing us and leave the rest to the imagination," horn player and backing vocalist Alex Nauth told

So, it's no surprise, the group's members cite a wide array of musical influences, ranging from Van Morrison and classical music to the blues-rock sound of ZZ Top.

"I like to tell people as little as possible about the songs, so that way it leaves the imagination wide open more for them," added frontman Eric Nally. "They can decide what it means to them."

Foxy Shazam's new album, "The Church of Rock and Roll," has generated quite a bit of buzz since its January 2012 release. And with a title like "The Church of Rock and Roll" it's no wonder.

Twisted Sister's Dee Snider, for one, is a huge fan.

This time around, the six-piece act strove to make a statement with its new album.

"When we came up with the idea [for the title track] we were pretty disappointed in the state of popular music ... and of course we got very discouraged," Nauth said. "When you need something and you can't find it, you create it ... 'The Church of Rock and Roll' gave us something to believe in. It challenged us to create a record of a certain quality of music that we wanted to hear."

With the single "I Like It" making its way up the radio charts, the band's musical faith is now turning into fans.

Foxy Shazam recently got off the road with The Darkness and played a batch of shows at South By Southwest in Austin, Texas. Now, the guys are out on a headlining tour that stretches into spring.

"The live show for us is something that we have a huge amount of passion for," Nally said. "It's a very passionate experience for us."

Here's a taste of Foxy Shazam: