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Foxmarks Brings Bookmark Synchronization to Internet Explorer and Safari

Today is a happy day: Foxmarks is now available for Internet Explorer and Safari.

Regular Business Hacks readers know of my undying love for this Firefox extension, which easily and automatically synchronizes your bookmarks and passwords across two or more PCs.

Alas, the IE and Safari versions don't yet sync passwords, but they do support cross-platform synchronization, meaning it's now possible to keep your bookmarks synced across multiple PCs and multiple browsers.

If you want to know what the Wall Street Journal's Walt Mossberg had to say about all this, and you're good at staying awake, watch the above video.

Interestingly, the developers behind Foxmarks say a name change is imminent. Any guesses? My money's on "SyncMarks." In any case, if you're an Internet Explorer and/or Safari user, run, don't walk, to the Foxmarks download page and grab this fantastic freebie. [via Lifehacker]