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Former Fox News editor Chris Stirewalt to testify before Jan. 6 select committee

First public Jan. 6 hearing’s impact
The impact of the first public Jan. 6 hearing 03:53

Former Fox News politics editor Chris Stirewalt will testify before the Jan. 6 select committee Monday, he announced on Newsnation Friday.

Stirewalt was let go by Fox News soon after his work on the team that projected on election night 2020 that Joe Biden would win Arizona, ahead of other networks. Mr. Biden ended up winning Arizona. In an opinion piece for the Los Angeles Times a few weeks after the assault on the U.S. Capitol, Stirewalt referred to his departure as his "firing" and stood by the cable network's decision to call Arizona for Mr. Biden.

"I was proud of our being first to project that Joe Biden would win Arizona, and very happy to defend that call in the face of a public backlash egged on by former President Trump," he wrote.

"I should first disclose — I should say that I have been called to testify before this committee and I will do so on Monday," he said at the beginning of his segment. Stirewalt was recently hired to be Newsnation's political editor.

Later, asked by the anchor what topic he would be testifying on, Stirewalt responded, "I am not in a position now to tell you what my testimony will be about...I was asked to testify, and I gotta go." 

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