Formula One pit stop captured in slow motion

(CBS News) I've always been fascinated with the "art" of the pit stop, because it really is an art. Cars are repaired and re-tired (but apparently not refueled, that's the difference between Formula One and all other automotive racing, so I have learned) in a matter of seconds before the drivers blast off again. No one could imagine what goes on in the process because it all happens too fast. But Infiniti Red Bull Racing has slowed it all down for us, so we can see what actually goes into to making these impressive machines run so gosh darn fast. Check out the video above, and be prepared to be blown away.

Pretty cool, right? You don't really realize how fast it is all happening until the very end when they show you the actual speed. Teams are reportedly trying to hit the two-second mark. Two seconds! Talk about pressure! If one guy messes up or falls behind, he could ruin it all. Lord knows I wouldn't want that hanging over my head. Timing -- and time -- is everything when it comes to these F1 races. Apparently the wheelmen are already moving in to change the tires before the car has even come to a full stop. Precision is the name of this game.