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Former Playboy Playmate Stephanie Adams awarded $1.2 million from NYC

NEW YORK -- Former Playboy Playmate Stephanie Adams was awarded $1.2 million for rough treatment she received during a 2006 scuffle with police, which she says she led to permanent neck and back injuries. In her lawsuit against the city, Adams says officers threw her to the ground at gunpoint after a taxi driver falsely claimed she was armed and dangerous.

Adams says the driver refused to help her carry her bags into her apartment, then called 911 and told police she had a gun and was going to shoot him.

According to the New York Post, the $1.2 million award from the jury was $350,000 more than Adams' attorney had requested.

One juror told the Post that Adams' injuries sealed the verdict:

"No one should be treated that way," the juror said.

The New York Daily News reports that the jury deliberated for eight-and-a-half hours before rendering their decision.

According to the Daily News, Sgt. John Rajan told the jury the officers "didn't know if she had a firearm," but later admitted that she "was wearing tight-fitting clothing, and there was no place to conceal a weapon."

The Daily News reports that the city Law Department is considering whether to ask the judge to reduce the award or overturn the jury's verdict.