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GOP ex-Governor Rick Snyder of Michigan backs Biden, calling Trump a "bully"

Trump and Biden push different messages
Trump and Biden push different messages 15:35

Washington — Former Michigan Governor Rick Snyder, a Republican, is throwing his support behind Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, calling President Trump a "bully" who "lacks a moral compass" and "ignores the truth."

In an op-ed published by USA Today on Thursday, Snyder said that while he is endorsing Biden for president, he remains a Republican and will support GOP down-ballot candidates.

"President Trump's answer to people who oppose or disagree with them is to be verbally abusive," Snyder wrote. "In other words, he is a bully."

The former Michigan governor said that great leaders respect others, even those with differing opinions, and differentiated between being a bully and being strong.

"As a proud nerd, I had to deal with bullies over many years; it is tragedy watching our world suffer from one," Snyder said. "In addition, President Trump lacks a moral compass. He ignores the truth."

Snyder said that Mr. Trump has "demonstrated that he does not fully appreciate public policy matters, including public health, the economy and foreign relations, nor does he seem to want to learn," and excoriated his first-term agenda. 

The tax reform package approved by the GOP-controlled Congress in 2017 — a key legislative achievement for the president — was a "failure," the former governor wrote, and on foreign policy, Snyder said the country "is no longer respected as a leader on world affairs."

Snyder hailed Biden as the candidate who can unite the nation and bring back civility.

"I hope you join me and help others by using Relentless Positive Action to elect Joe Biden as America's next president," he said.

Snyder served as governor of Michigan, a key battleground state, from 2011 to 2019, and saw his popularity fall due to his handling of the Flint water crisis.

Still, he is among a growing number of former Republicans who are backing Biden in the November election. During the Democratic National Convention last month, a number of GOP officials were featured, including former Ohio Governor John Kasich and former New York Congresswoman Susan Molinari. General Colin Powell, who was secretary of state under President George W. Bush, also endorsed Biden, though he also supported President Obama in 2008 and 2012.

On the opening day of the Republican National Convention, more than two dozen former Republican lawmakers announced their support for Biden, including former Arizona Senator Jeff Flake and former Senator John Warner of Virginia. A group of over 70 national security officials who served in Republican administrations, including Mr. Trump's, also endorsed the former vice president. Among those throwing their weight behind the Democratic presidential candidate are former Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, former CIA and National Security Agency Director Michael Hayden and former Director of National Intelligence John Negroponte.

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