Forget fireworks, celebrate these American tech inventions

Blueprint for the Intel 4004 - widely considered to be the first microprocessor.

(CBS News) Happy birthday, America! To honor the independent spirit that gave birth to this nation, we are highlighting some of the inventions that have contributed to modern computer technology.

Ever wonder when the QWERY keyboard layout was introduced? It's hard to believe that an invention by two Milwaukee, Wis. men in 1868 influences the way we type our words today. 

Photos: The evolution of telephones
Internet gets Hall of Fame, Al Gore honored

Did you ever hear about the memo that gave birth to the Internet? Legend has it that a 1963 note kicked off a chain of events that changed our lives forever.

And don't forget about the odd location where the first mobile phone call was made. We can thank AT&T for making it happen.

Check out the photo essay below to see what piece of game-changing technology was "Made in the U.S.A."