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Ford not "yet" ready to talk "Star Wars" sequels

Harrison Ford isn't ready -- "yet" -- to talk about his reported part in Disney's planned "Star Wars" sequel, but he praises its director, J.J. Abrams.

"I think he's fantastic," Ford said in a recent interview. "I did his first movie, `Regarding Henry,' with Mike Nichols. A wonderful talent. Extraordinary guy."

The 70-year-old actor -- who came to fame playing Han Solo in the "Star Wars" trilogy -- is shrugging off questions about that character while promoting his role as Brooklyn Dodgers president Branch Rickey in the upcoming Jackie Robinson film "42."

Asked how he feels generally that the "Star Wars" sequel and Disney spinoffs are in the works, Ford responded: "I don't feel anything at the moment yet."

In an article published earlier this month, "Star Wars" creator George Lucas told Bloomberg Businessweek that Ford, Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher had been in negotiations to return to the franchise even before Lucasfilm was sold to Disney last fall.

Was Ford surprised by that announcement? He makes the universal zipping-my-lips sign. Asked what it will take to get him to commit to play Han Solo again, Ford said, "Um, I don't even want to discuss that. It's great. Ain't it great?"

But his lips weren't quite as tight when he all but confirmed the reunion when he recently told WGN9 News at a Michigan Avenue magazine cover party that the "old gang" would be together again, or at least, he was pretty sure they would be: "I think it's almost true. I'm looking forward to's not in the bag yet, but I think it's happening," said Ford in the interview.

It's been over two decades since Abrams wrote the "Regarding Henry" screenplay. Have the two chatted recently?

"About what?" Ford asked, smirking and taking a slow sip from a cup.

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