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For Palin, 3 Traditional Battlegrounds Still Take Precedence

From CBS News' Scott Conroy:

(NEW PORT RICHEY, FLA.) - For all of the talk of the new battleground states in this election, Sarah Palin is devoting the majority of her time in the closing days to stumping in three long-established swing states.

On Friday, the Republican VP nominee took a bus tour across the central swath of Pennsylvania, and on Sunday, she'll head back to Ohio for a series of rallies there.

But Saturday is all about Florida, a state where Palin has spent less time than some of the other big battlegrounds, but one in which the Republicans must hold on to in order to win the election. Palin's bus tour brings her to the familiar I-4 corridor across the central part of the state, which is about evenly split between Republicans and Democrats.

The Alaska governor begins her day start near the Gulf Coast with a rally in New Port Richey, then she'll head east to Polk City and finally north to Ocala.

With only three days until Nov. 4, Palin is on a nearly round-the-clock campaign schedule. After the Florida events, she'll hold rallies in Raleigh, North Carolina and suburban Richmond, Virginia.

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