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Food For Beauty

These days, you can get confused between the grocery store and the cosmetic counter. With all of the new products on the market, you may want to take a taste
The Peninsula Spa in New York uses products made with citrus fruits. And if you think that finding the perfect recipe for looking beautiful is no small potatoes, you're right. When it comes to volumizing your hair, it's really the big potatoes that work best. There is a shampoo that uses the starch in potato spuds to help get big hair, and there is a mask that uses that same starch as a toner.

And it's not only fresh producer being used in the world of beauty. Grains like rice have been tapped as a great exfoliant, and even marshmallows and licorice have their aesthetic benefits.

There are an after-sun cooling gel and foaming bath that use marshmallow extract to soothe the skin. And licorice has an anti-inflammatory agent that's used in a certain after-shave balm.

If you're allergic to an ingredient, chances are you probably shouldn't use it on the surface of your skin. Patch test any product that's new for you in order to make sure the ingredients are compatible with your skin.

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