Flight Cancelled? 3 Ways to Get Rebooked Faster

Deep down, we're all conformists -- even that tattoo you're ogling is just to fit in with a different herd. That's why we all obediently get in line at the nearest customer service desk when our flight is canceled. The problem is that's the slowest way to get rebooked and sent on your way.

Awesome flight search site Hipmonk, which I told you about yesterday, has some great advice for getting rebooked following a canceled flight.

1. Call the airline. You'll get much faster service by calling the airline directly -- often long before you reach the front of the customer service line. Bonus points: you can even start the call from the plane, if you're cancelled after boarding.

2. Go to the next flight's gate. If you're lucky, you can get a remaining seat. If not, you're near the top of the standby list.

3. Go find a customer service desk with a shorter line. Why wait in line with the other 200 people who just got bumped?

Photo courtesy Flickr user kanegen