Five Unexpected Ways Twitter Can Enhance Your Business

Last Updated Jan 19, 2010 10:22 PM EST

You're savvy enough to know that Twitter is more than just a way to keep track of your favorite celebrity's lunch menu. In fact, we've told you about all sorts of ways to use Twitter to grow and improve your business -- like interacting with your audience while giving a presentation and getting great travel deals for your next business trip.

That's just barely scratching the surface, though. MakeUseOf has a list of ten ways you can use to take your business to the next level -- I've got what I consider to be the best five right here:

  1. Notify people about events. Twitter is an excellent resource to spread the word about upcoming seminars, workshops, and other meetings. Be sure to link to PowerPoint decks or video.
  2. Network yourself. Join topic groups in Twitter that are related to your business. Not only can you learn from other people's tweets, but you'll network with potential clients and partners.
  3. Run promotions. People love discounts and coupons, and Twitter is an easy way to blast promotions to a large audience. And the more promotions you run, the larger your audience will grow.
  4. Manage customer feedback. Looking for ways to appear to be more proactive and considerate of your customer? Read and respond to customer complaints via Twitter. Microsoft has started doing that, and it's working very well for them.
  5. Organize a Tweetup. Twitter is a great way to organize a local get-together. You can use the service to schedule face-to-face meetings with vendors, suppliers, clients, partners -- the sky is the limit.
There are five more suggestions at MakeUseOf. Check them all out.