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Five looks for the "boyfriend cardigan"

It's one of this season's must-have pieces -- the boyfriend cardigan. From casual to a night out on the town, its versatility makes it ultra-useful. And it's certainly chic!

On "The Early Show" Monday, Health magazine Contributing Fashion Editor Gretta Monahan had models showing how to wear a one five different ways. She had looks for work chic, trendy, night out, sporty, and weekend casual:

Work Chic

Rainbow Black Cardigan $16

Zara Orange Blouse $40

Kohl's Skirt $44

This makes the point that you shouldn't be afraid to tuck in your boyfriend cardigan because it will give you the ultimate in a tailored look. Put a bright shirt underneath and that way it gives the same feel as if you were wearing a jacket. We paired it with a pencil skirt which is a classic, it's obviously a do in whatever office you work in. It's a classic item that should be in your wardrobe.


Rainbow Cardigan $16

American Rag Jumpsuit $49

Forever 21 Belt $8

A lot of people don't think about cinching. I love the idea of taking the boxiness out and really working belts, which are huge this season. This belt is actually a necklace. This is my look that really says you can be your own stylist. This necklace has a clip, it literally clips and looks smooth and seamless. Another idea is you can cinch 2 necklaces together, these double stranded belts were all over the runway at Fashion Week.

Night Out

Zara Cardigan $25

MNG Black Dress $40

JC Penny Broach $24

I love the bolero look that was part of what inspired this outfit. I pulled the boyfriend cardigan back and put it into a broach, to give your cardigan a shrug/bolero feel. If you turn her around you can see that we added a broach. This is all about using jewelry in a different way. Basically I took the sweater back and I buttoned it and then I used a broach and it's created a nice train action, it's very night time appropriate. You can wear it as part of your whole outfit or take this off and just wear the cocktail dress.


Mango JC Penny Cardigan $52

Nicole Miller JC Penny leggings $26

MNG Top $24

A lot of boyfriend cardigans come with a belt. What you want to do is get creative with the belt or tie. Here we've buttoned the cardigan up high and tied the belt higher to form an empire waist look.

Weekend Casual

H&M Salmon Cardigan $20

H&M Shirt $25

H&M Jeans $20

APT. 9 Scarf $28

Full-waist wear is very big this season. This style is called obi; it's about doing a full waist band around the waist. I like adding anything printed or with texture to a solid cardigan. This cardigan here I wanted to do an inspired spring look. You can also go right into night by doing this look with a satin or silk obi, it's very versatile. This one I did in a spring look, you can impact your cardigan which is seasonless into a very seasoned look.