Fish Out of Water: Clinton Rubs Elbows With NASCAR Types


From CBS News' Fernando Suarez:

Mooresville, N.C. -- At a campaign rally at the NASCAR Hall of Fame and Museum, Hillary Clinton compared herself to the antique race cars. "I've been nicked and bumped and knocked around a few times, but I've managed to get to the finish line," Clinton said, drawing applause from the small crowd.

She was joined on stage by North Carolina Governor Mike Easley, who continued with the NASCAR metaphors. "We've got somebody here today who knows one speed and that's pedal to the metal! She's been around the track on more than one occasion and she might've gotten loose from time to time, but she's never spun out or lost control!" he told the crowd.

Also joining Clinton was former stock car racer turned businessman Junior Johnson, who's been out campaigning with President Clinton around the state. Clinton said she's worried that her husband has been eating so much Carolina barbeque. "Barbeque is to my husband what gas was to Junior Johnson," she joked. "It's the fuel that keeps you going."

Midway through her remarks, Clinton continued making her NASCAR comparisons. "Part of why you are here is because you know our country is in trouble. I actually think, Junior, it's in the ditch, it's gone off into the ditch and we're going to have to pull it out."

Oftentimes, Clinton will find herself speaking in sports venues where she can't help but find ways of interlacing her campaign message with a sports metaphor. "We're going to hit some of those balls out of this stadium and out of our country's stadium because we're going to go to bat and fix America together," she told a crowd at a South Bend, Indiana, minor league baseball park. "We're going to go fight for America, we're going to round the bases, we're going to score a lot of runs, and we're going to feel really good about the home team, namely the American team, the team we're all a part of!"