"First Kiss" makes the Internet fall in love, this week on The Feed

This week's most popular viral videos feature a robotic table tennis machine, a black bear going to great lengths for a tasty beaver treat, a self-proclaimed "fat girl dancing," a 3-year-old who debates everything and the "First Kiss" that set the Internet on fire.

First up, Jared Katie posted this video of a "fat girl dancing" to Jason Derulo's "Talk Dirty to Me."

Who need friends when you've got robots? This video from ulf hoffmann shows off what it's creators named UHTTR-1 -- a do-it-yourself ping pong playing machine.

Then, GarrettBrosHunting captured a black bear going to great lengths to get his hands on a tasty beaver treat.

Linda Beltran shared this hilarious video of her 3-year-old son Mateo making a desperate plea to have cupcakes for dinner.

And, 20 "strangers" are asked to kiss for the first time in this super-viral video from Tatia Pilieva. Turns out, the "strangers" are a group of musicians, models and actors who may or may not have previously met. Considering that and the fact that the video itself is a cleverly-veiled ad for the clothing company Wren, there's still something that feels real about it. Watching it makes you reminisce and pulls you in on an emotional level.

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