2 teens arrested after firefighter killed in California library fire

Teens arrested after deadly library fire
Teens arrested after deadly library fire 01:49

Two 13-year-old suspects have been charged with arson, conspiracy and manslaughter, after a deadly fire in a Porterville, California, library. One firefighter who was killed has been identified as 35-year-old Captain Raymond Figueroa.

In an emotional statement, the fire chief announced the 13-year veteran's death. Firefighter Patrick Jones, 25, is still unaccounted for.

Officials believe the fire started in the kids section of the Porterville Library just after 4 p.m. Tuesday. The public library — built in 1953 — did not have a sprinkler system.

Firefighters Ray Figueroa, 35, and Patrick Jones, 25, seen in undated photos from the city of Porterville, California. Porterville Fire Dept.

The fire was fueled by thousands of books and even though the Porterville Fire Department was just next door, crews struggled to contain the flames. They worked for more than 12 hours to put it out.

Librarians evacuated those inside and alerted police to two suspicious teenagers seen running away. Detectives tracked them down.

It's unclear if the teens will be tried as adults as the entire fire department is taking three days off to grieve. Fellow firefighters from around the region have been brought in to help give them the time they need.

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