Find Out When Someone Tweets About Your Company

Remember BackTweets, the service that searches for tweets pertaining to a specific URL? Here's a tool that does it one better: TweetAlarm notifies you when someone tweets about your company or product.

To get started with TweetAlarm, just enter your e-mail address, a password, your Twitter username, and one or more keywords.

That's all there is to it. By default, TweetAlarm will notify you once per day (via e-mail) of any tweets that match your keyword(s). (You can change the frequency to weekly, twice per day, or as matches are found -- but I'd be careful about choosing that last option. Could result in a flood of e-mail.)

You can also add or remove keywords as desired and even ignore tweets from specific Twitter users. In short, TweetAlarm is a decidedly handy service for businesses wanting to keep tabs on their presence in "Twitterverse." Best of all, it's free. [via Lifehacker]