Final four weigh their options on "Survivor: Philippines"

Abi-Maria Gomes and Michael Skupin during the 13th episode of "Survivor: Philippines."

How much are you willing to sacrifice for a million dollars?

That could be the title of Wednesday's episode of "Survivor: Philippines" because that was the question percolating through the brains of four of the five remaining castaways. In the end, Lisa, Skupin, Malcolm and Denise concluded that another three days with Abi was not worth a better shot at the top prize.

A self-proclaimed loudmouth, Abi tried her best to stay in the game, arguing that Lisa and Skupin had no chance of winning if they went before a jury with either the strong and affable Malcolm or the strong and feisty Denise.

The argument almost made sense, had Malcolm not been so good at winning challenges. He had just won back-to-back immunity challenges and if he won the next -- the game's last -- he would be impossible to oust.

So the alliance held, Abi was voted out and Skupin danced a jig all the way back to camp.

This episode also underlined key character traits of some castaways. The redoubtable Denise has an uncanny ability to soldier through, almost winning the challenges in spite of a painful allergic reaction to a bite on her neck.

Then there is Abi's self-absorption. She confessed to feeling bad about Denise's pan, then drove the thought from her mind, reasoning that she did not come to the Philippines to feel bad about another person. She came to win a million dollars.

The loyal Skupin rewarded Malcolm for giving him extra time with his loved one (his son) when Malcolm won the reward challenge last week. When Skupin won this week's reward -- a helicopter ride to a boat with a feast of pizza, cookies and soda- he shared it with Malcolm and Lisa.

Lisa, called the church lady by her fellow tribemates, turned to prayer to ease Denise's pain.

How will these traits serve them in Sunday's finale? Discuss below, take our poll and return here Sunday for commentary on the two-hour finale and reunion show.