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Favre: This Year My Last; Sterger Talks to NFL

Brett Favre says he's hanging it up after this season.

Asked in an interview with the NFL Network whether he's coming back, the star quarterback paused, then shook his head as he said simply, "No."

Of course, points out CBS News Correspondent Chris Wragge, Favre has said that numerous times before but, given his age, recent injuries and a brewing sex scandal, he may mean it this time.

This, as the woman who got suggestive voicemails from Favre told her story to the National Football League for the first time, in a meeting CBS News has learned lasted three hours.

Jenn Sterger sat down with NFL investigators Thursday.

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If Favre's answer was timed to deflect attention from the scandal, it was probably too late, Wragge observes.

Sterger, the cheerleader-turned-sexy-sideline-reporter was talking to the league about the provocative voicemails she supposedly got when she and Favre were with the New York Jets.

Favre has admitted the calls were from him.

In one message, he says, "I'm going back to the hotel and just, just chill. (I'd) love to have you come over tonight."

Last month, sports website broke the story, and reported lewd photos were also sent to Sterger from the same phone as the voicemails. Favre has denied sending those.

A spokesman for Sterger released a statement saying, "We can confirm that a meeting took place with the NFL today and we cooperated fully by providing them with substantial materials in our possession. We await the NFL's investigation to be concluded."

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell spoke before last night's nationally televised game, saying, "I think what you have to do is be fair. You have to try to get all the facts and make a smart decision."

The question now is when any decision about possible punishment for Favre comes down.

Remi Spencer, a former prosecutor told CBS News, "The NFL is obligated to pursue this and make sure they determine what the proper course of action is. They can't ignore it."

A decision against Favre would have wide-ranging consequences, Wragge notes: the possible loss of $7 million to $9 million in endorsements and an end to his record iron-man streak of consecutive games played -- currently at 293 and counting.

Of course, Wragge adds, there are only seven weeks left in the football season, so if the NFL is slow to decide, and Favre sticks to his plan to retire, he might not suffer any game-related consequences.

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