Father of missing Maine toddler Ayla Reynolds has "no idea what happened"

Ayla Reynolds

(CBS) PORTLAND, Maine - The father of missing Maine toddler Ayla Rynolds spoke out for the first time Tuesday night saying he has no idea what happened to his daughter.

Pictures: Maine Toddler Ayla Reynolds Missing

Justin DiPietro, 24, reported the toddler missing on Saturday morning when he called police to say she was not in her bed. On Tuesday, police seized an SUV and a second vehicle from DiPietro's driveway.

In a statement released by Waterville Police to the Morning Sentinel, DiPietro said, "I have no idea what happened to Ayla, or who is responsible."

DiPietro also denied the allegation from Ayla's mother, Trista Reynolds, that she and DiPietro did not get along and were not in contact after Ayla was placed with him by a welfare agency.

"Contrary to some statements floating around out there, I have been in communication with Ayla's mother over the last couple of weeks," DiPietro said in the statement. "The Waterville police have transcripts from my phone for verification of these communications."

DiPietro also said that he has "shared every piece of information with the police."

Trista Reynolds also spoke out Tuesday saying that she's trying to keep it together for an 8-month-old son who remains in her care, but acknowledges the past few days have been tough.

"Sometimes I think that she's OK. Sometimes I start thinking that the worst can happen. That's how I've been feeling. I lay my head down at night and wonder where she is. Am I going to see her again? Do I get to see her beautiful smile?"

Police said both of Ayla's parents, who live separately, continued to cooperate with authorities.

Ayla, who is blonde, blue-eyed, and 2-feet-9 inches tall, was last seen Friday night wearing green one-piece pajamas with polka dots and the words "Daddy's Princess" on them. She also had a soft cast on her left arm.

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