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Fast Draw: Friends And Money

Friends And Money - Is the recession ruining friendships? Economics and social interactions go hand-in-hand and there's evidence your 401K might not be the only thing suffering in this downturn. Click here for the story.
The Anti-Recipe - A cook and author says forget the recipes you've learned; all you need to cook is a set of simple formulas that tell you what proportions of foods should be combined. Click here for the story.
Elemental - Chemistry has a new kid on the block. A new element is moving in 13 years after it was first created. The "superheavy" substance still hasn't been named, but it's first new element in five years and the heaviest yet. Click here for the story.

It Came From The Deep - Tapeworms may be gaining in the US. The parasites - which can grow to 30 feet or more - have definitely become more common around the world and they're spreading particularly fast among "yuppies with a hankering for sashimi and ceviche." Click here for the story.

Teenager, Cure Thyself - A high school senior suffered for years from stomach pains her doctors could not explain. It wasn't until one day in her science class she discovered the cause by examining her own cells. She diagnosed herself with Crohn's disease. Click here for the story.

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