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Fashion editor loses hand in plane propeller

DALLAS - A Dallas-area woman has lost her hand after walking into the propeller of a small airplane following a flight to view Christmas lights.

A spokeswoman at Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas says 23-year-old Lauren Scruggs of Plano was in stable condition Tuesday, according to She's founder and editor of LoLo Magazine. She has also modeled and worked in the wardrobe department of the TV show "Gossip Girl," according to

The Federal Aviation Administration says the accident happened Saturday night at a private airport in the McKinney area, about 30 miles northeast of Dallas.

Family spokeswoman Janee Harrell says Scruggs had just gotten off the private plane after a trip to see holiday lights. Harrell told The Associated Press that Scruggs lost her left hand in the accident, plus suffered head, brain and shoulder injuries.

The extent of Scruggs' brain injury is not yet known, Harrell told

Harrell says the pilot wasn't hurt.

Jeff Scruggs, Lauren's father, told "Good Morning America" that his daughter is improving

"Yesterday was a good day, there was a lot of really positive progress," Jeff Scruggs said Tuesday. "They took out her tube in the afternoon. She didn't speak right away ... I said Lauren will you say 'hi' to Daddy, and she goes, 'hi.' Later she told one of Cheryl's sisters that she loves her. It's so encouraging to us. She's really uncomfortable as you can imagine."

Scruggs' family told GMA that they believe she may have turned back to thank the pilot when she walked into the propeller.