​Fantasy football's obsessive fans

Strassmann asked, "What's been the big surprise for you?"

"I think just how social it is," said Karin Housley, of Team Housley. "The fun that we have in our group text. And you are checking your phone, or you're plunked in front of a TV, you drop in, 'How's Andrew Luck doing?'"

And how competitive is it? "These girls? There might be a fight later, depending on the outcome of the game here," laughed Kate Larson, of Fumble In the Jungle.

The FX Network has a show called "The League," now in its sixth season. It follows a fantasy league and a group of high school buddies who will do anything to win.

Jeff and Jackie Schaffer, the show's husband-and-wife creators, write and direct it. They also compete on set in a fantasy league.

"We always say, to enjoy 'The League,' you don't have to know anything about football," said Jeff. "You certainly don't have to know anything about fantasy football. You just have to have friends that you hate."

And when it comes to publicizing the show, and talking about the current standings of "The League"'s league, "There's not an interview that goes through where [Jackie] doesn't get to crow about the fact that she's in first place," Jeff laughed.

To the Schaffers, the show -- like any real fantasy league -- is partly about football, and mostly about camaraderie and human nature.

"And people are terrible," said Jeff. "Whiners, cheats. People are the worst. They're crybabies. They're complainers. They're devious. And you get to do this for the smallest stakes imaginable!"

Tonight in Arizona, the Patriots and the Seahawks will play for the Lombardi Trophy. In Minnesota, the Gridiron Ladies played for a different prize: The Heel.

"This is our trophy, so I'm sure this'll be around my house for a few more years," said Karin Housley.

"It's movin' up north, girl," suggested Carrie Ruud, of Ruud's Rebels.

"Right now, it's staying right here!"

Karin Housely won the Heel again this year. (It was important to her that we tell you that.)

And Matthew Berry understands that: Jay-Z asked for his help drafting a fantasy team.

"So if sports are a metaphor for life," said Strassmann, "what are fantasy sports a metaphor for?"

"Life, but better," said Berry. "I believe we are a country that likes to root. I just think, as a people, whether it's for the guy to get the girl in the romantic comedy, whether it's for the mom to win the dishwasher on the game show, whether it's for our fantasy football team to score more points than your fantasy football team, ultimately, we are a country that really just like to root for something.

"And there's nothing better than selecting your own group of players and saying, 'You know what? I think mine are better than yours.'"

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