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"Exxon/McCain '08"? DNC Mocks Oil Rig Trip

(NEW ORLEANS) John McCain paid a visit to an oil platform about 100 miles off the coast of Louisiana in the Gulf of Mexico today, which prompted Barack Obama's campaign and the Democratic National Committee to accuse the Arizona senator of being in the pocket of big oil.

"He's standing with the oil companies in opposing a bipartisan compromise in Congress that would expand offshore drilling and, at the same time, make serious investments in alternative energy to break our dependence on foreign oil," said Obama spokesman Tommy Vietor. "When it comes to solving our energy problems, John McCain is just more of the same and America can't afford it."

The DNC helped make the point by sending all of the members in the McCain press corps bumper stickers, oil drums, and buttons with the slogan "Exxon/McCain '08" (you can check out the photo below).


The paraphernalia comes on the heels of the Republican National Committee sending members of the Obama press corps tire pressure gauges printed with "Obama Energy Plan."

McCain maintains that offshore drilling is imperative to solve America's dependence on foreign oil. "New drilling has to be part of our energy solution. It will not solve this problem alone. Alternative energy will not solve this problem alone. Conservation will not solve this problem alone. Solving our energy crisis requires an "all of the above" approach," McCain said while standing on the deck of the offshore oil platform. "It also requires expanding traditional sources of energy like clean coal, nuclear power, and offshore drilling like that done on this rig."