Exhibit Shows Grim Vision of Climate Chaos

A member of staff is silhouetted as she poses for photographs in front of the sculpture 'Hot Spot, 2006' by Mona Hatoum displayed at the "Earth: Art of a changing world" exhibition, at Royal Academy of Arts, in London, Friday, Dec. 4, 2009.
AP Photo/Akira Suemori
Artists in London are painting a grim vision of a globe ravaged by climate change.

Among the 63 works on display at the Royal Academy are a print of a lonesome-looking tree clinging to a tiny island amid a yawning ocean and a huge cage-like globe clad in glowering red neon.

The co-curator of the exhibition at the Royal Academy, Kathleen Soriano, says the exhibit is "neither a 'call to arms' or political in anyway."

She says the exhibit is an effort to imagine the world of tomorrow "not in a fatalistic way but with hope and a sense of care for our present and future."

GSK Contemporary's "Earth: Art of a changing world" runs until Jan 31.