Endless Questions

Children are naturally curious, but that curiosity can drive a parent crazy! Wendell Jamieson, author of "Father Knows Less..." discusses some humorous ways to deal with a seemingly endless string of questions.

Jamieson's book was inspired by his son, Dean. One day, Dean asked his father, "What would hurt more: getting run over by a car or getting stung by a jellyfish?" Jamieson first laughed at the question, but then decided to delve deeper to find the true answer for his son. The result? Getting stung by a jellyfish would hurt more, according to one head of pain management at a New York hospital. The compilation of such questions lead to "Father Knows Less...".

In his book, Jamieson answers some of the most common questions asked by small children, like "Why is the sky blue?" He recounts the answers his parents gave him, but also adds his own research. The answers to each question were investigated by contacting experts and professionals in various fields. For example, when Dean asked Jamieson "Why do cops like doughnuts?", Jamieson reached out to a friend at the Miami Police Department to find out the answer from someone who knows - a cop!

For more information on Jamieson's book, visit his website,, by clicking here.

By Erin Petrun