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​Emoji map shows Idaho loves weddings, Vermont hearts poop

Houghton Mifflin

By some estimates, three-quarters of Americans use emoji every day. The popular pictograms even have their own international holiday. The word "emoji" got added to the Oxford Dictionaries Online in 2013 and made it into Merriam-Webster this year.

SwiftKey, which makes mobile keyboard apps for Android and iPhones, analyzed how its users around the world employed 1.5 billion emoji. The company went state by state and mapped which ones are used the most, where.

Some might not surprise you. New Yorkers use the Statue of Liberty more than people in other states. Hawaii was the top state for surfing, rainbows, waves and pineapples.

More companies are creating their own emoji s... 02:09

You might not expect, though, that the Aloha State also ranked #1 for basketball. And who knows why, of all places, Vermont is the site of the highest smiling poop usage.

More eggplants are employed in Nevada than anywhere else. That might seem odd if Nevada weren't the home of Sin City Las Vegas and the eggplant image didn't have a suggestively phallic appearance. Pennsylvania, however, took top honor for using the most raunchy emoji, New Hampshire used the most alcohol images, and Maine the most drugs.

Guns are big in Louisiana, which used the most violent emoji. South Dakota used the most "happy" images; New Jersey the most sad ones.

Oregonians use a lot of seashells, poodles and Jewish stars of David. They also seem to talk about junk food constantly. North Dakota got the nod for most LGBT symbols. Oklahoma is into ghosts and devils. New Mexico likes theater. North Dakota <3 kissing, roses, dresses, high heels ... and camels.

Do with that information what you will. And for other insights, check out SwiftKey's interactive map.

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